Working with oils

Using oils can make your life a little easier. We can explore what oils could work well in your situation.

The two ways in which I use oils:


This can work very uplifting or help your concentration improve. All Young Living oils come with instructions on if they can be diffused and for how long. Sometimes I try out mixtures of different oils to experiment.

On the body [topically]


Please take care that these oils are very strong. Before rubbing them on my body I always dilute them with a carrier oil. [Like almond or jojoba oil] This way your bottle of oil will last a long time. I rub it on the affected area usually a few times a day. Again I am very careful to follow the instructions on the bottle.


Learn more about working with oils

It is hard to say what oil will help with your goal. People are different and react differently on oils. It is also important that you like the smell of an oil.

Always carefully read the instructions on the bottle. And use the oils as instructed.

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