Tracking your pain.

It is important to be educated.

When you visit doctors it is important that you know your own body. You know what is normal for you and what is not. Some times you will even need to educate them and what better way to do this is to have evidence on paper.

It will also help you to get insights into your daily patterns.

Two great ways to do these are:

  • A pain diary
  • Using apps

We can use both these in therapy.

And depending on the devices that you use I will help you find useful apps to use. Some will work on laptops. Others on apple tablets/phones or android tablets/phones.

Below are two images of pain trackers I found online. With so many people building apps these days more and more are going to appear.

Some places I have found them:



I have made my own pain tracker. If you would like a copy, please drop me a line.


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