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Why text?

What is online text counselling?

Text counselling is the oldest form of online counselling. It was used when connections were still so bad that video / audio was nearly impossible.

That is old does not mean it is outdated. It works perfect for people who like to express their feelings through writing. It is like writing a journal but sharing it with your coach / therapist.

Why does it work?

The power of the written word is incredible. It makes you think and it makes you digest what you have written down. That is why people have turned to writing for centuries. 

Your benefits

You can take your time in getting across to your coach / therapist what you want to say. And you can make changes to it.

You are much more in control of the process as you send the email when you want to.

You can reread eveything all the time. This is especially handy if your memory is letting you down due to pain or just being too busy

This also means you don’t have to write your reply all at once. If your tired or busy, you can take breaks.

Do I need to be technical to do this?

That is the good question. You don’t really have to be. We will be sending the emails across to each other in a secure way. But this is not going to be very technical or difficult.

The only thing you really need to have is a fondness for writing.

How do I pick between counselling or coaching?

The difference is easy to explain:

Counselling -> In therapy you gain new insights. And you look at the why and what happened in the past? To make a differene in the future.

Coaching -> In coaching you work with those new insights. You look more at the what next and the now.  It is more goal and  action orientated.

Often I work with a mix of the two, as I complement each other well.

It’s not only text

We won’t be limited to just text. If it appeals to you I like to get creative in the work we do together. Below you can see some  other forms of expressing yourself I have used with clients. If there is some form of creative wor you would like to try out I am always open to listen.

Making a mood board

If you are a visual person you may work better with images and Pinterest is a tool to do that together.

Music & Sound

Or you can express yourself  better through song texts or relax listening to music. 

Homework & Journal

I may even give you homework to track something during our email sessions. I use a variety of sheets and charts or you could just use your own journal for this.


Sometimes you just need to hear and see something positive all day long. I will scan and send you an affirmation that you can print out to look at all week long.

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