About Me

Mieke Haveman

Online Coach & Counsellor



I came to counselling and coaching about 15 years ago. It was after chronic pain had changed my life forever. I had to leave the booktrade but luckily I had always had a knack for talking to people and helping them adjust to hard situations.

So I know it is not always easy to adjust to a life with pain, with limits and less energy. But I know first hand that it can be done and you can get out of life as much as you can. I know it can be hard to go this alone and how lonely that road can be.


  • I know what it is like to not be understood or your pain not taken seriously because you look fine on the outside.
  • I know what it feels like when doctors tell you they can’t do anything more for you.
  • I understand you don’t always have energy to do all you want. Or why you may choose not to always say yes when friends invite you.

I can help you find a new balance in life and learn to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Life as a carer



I get that as well. How hard and lonely it can be taking care of a loved one. How ever much you love them, there are moments when it just gets to be too much, that you need a little bit of support for yourself.

Since 2013 I took care of my mum till she went into a care home in 2019. And I still visit her every day while still taking care of my dad at home.

So I get it and I would like to support you through your journey.


Like most counselors I qualified for face 2 face counselling first. My training took place in the Netherlands.

I hold a diploma in psychosocial work & counselling from Academie Gradatim

And a diploma in counselling & coaching from the academie for counselling & Coaching

My training to become an online counsellor was done online with a British company: OLT Online training for counsellors. With them I finished the general course and the diploma course.



I am also a tutor for OLT, the external examinator for  the academy for online counselling & psychotherapy, and a director for ACTO

Let’s Get Started

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