Using photos and images in therapy

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There is strength in a visual image

what do you see in this photo?

  • Just a golden statue
  • A wonderful cloudless sky
  • A rider on a golden horse
  • The symbol of strength St Geroge overcoming the dragon
  • Something else entirely

As you see people see images in different ways. I depends if you are a visual person if images work for you at all. If they do they can be a very powerful tool in therapy. Sometimes we are not ready to put into words what we are feeling, but we can show it through our images. Our own or those you find on the internet.

A great way to collect those images that mean something to you is to make boards onPinterest. This is a free resource on the internet. you can make several boards of photo’s according to themes. The great thing is that you can not only include your own photo’s, you can ‘pin’ photo’s from all over the internet and display them here. This way it will be easy to find those photo’s you want when you need them and you don’t have to download everything only your own computer. You can share those boards with the public but you can also keep them private or share them with one or two people.

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