You are not alone!

All over the world millions of people suffer from chronic pain. Often this is also ‘unseen’ pain that makes people suffer in silence.

Chronic pain may be defined as pain that lasts beyond the usual course of the acute disease or expected time of healing. It may continue indefinitely. Pain that is not relieved despite appropriate treatment is referred to as intractable pain.

Chronic pain can occur for example through:

-rheumatoid arthritis

-neck & shoulder pain

– headaches & migraines

-cancer pain

And many many others.


Often people have pain without there being a diagnosis, which can be so frustrating

Acute pain can lead to chronic pain and this can lead to a series of physical and psychological changes in your life that can burden you even further. It is hard to adjust to these big changes.


Some examples of what can occur:

  1. Wasting of muscles that are being used less and increasing loss of strength
  2. Sleeping badly
  3. Depression
  4. Concentration problems’
  5. Anxiety, fear
  6. Bitterness

Therapy can’t take the pain away but it can help you deal with some of the side effects, and help you find a new balance in life.


Some social effects due to chronic pain can be:

  1. Loss of money due to being unable to work or having to work less
  2. Feeling like a burden on family and friends
  3. Feeling less important

Here as well it is important to find a new balance. Pain doesn’t mean you are less of a person, continue to believe in yourself.

Please contact me to find out what I can do to support you.

Some of the above information comes from: Efic  Where you can find more information on chronic pain.

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