Caring for a loved one can be lonely. And there can be moment when you feel like you are alone in the world and nobody gets you.

Many of us are carers for one or more elderly parents.

It sometimes feels like a full time job next to your work and family.

It is done with so much love yet there are those moments when it just feels too much and you just want somebody to be there for you and who supports you.

That is a service that I offer you. Someone who understands and who is there to listen to you and to be there for you.

I am here to offer support for other carers as well. I did put the elderly group first as that is a situation that I have personal experience with.

As someone with disabilities myself I do have some idea of how hard it can be to look after a child or a sibling with disabilities as well. 

So please do not hesitatea to contact me if you would like support around that situation.

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