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How is working from home going for you?

How is working from home going for you?

Many of us are now working from home. And that may sound idyllic but by now I am sure you have all also noticed the downsides of working at home. Especially when the whole family is at home with you. Yet especially when you are in a constant fight of staying on top of...

Self isolation and chronic pain

Self isolation and chronic pain

How are you holding up? We live in strange times at the moment. Everyone is uncertain and to some degree stressed at having to live life differently. For those with chronic pain issues this extra stress can mean extra pain. Many issues just don’t react well to pain....

Carers who can’t care anymore

Carers who can’t care anymore

The world is suddenly such a strange place. This goes for everyone and everyone will have moments were emotions will surface. In many countries in the world restrictions on seeing each other are in place. In my country of the Netherlands they closed all the care homes...

Sick on holiday

My last post was about my planned holiday so now I am going to share with you ho wit actually went. Hopefully the following is not familiar to you. You have been looking forward to a holiday and you have prepared well for it. You were careful to choose a destination...

Winter Vacation time

For me planning is essential in my life with pain. Thankfully I have always been a bit of a planner, so this is not too hard on me. I have to plan my day ahead to build in moments for breaks and rest and physical activity. What is more fun to do is to plan my...

Goals for 2016

Did you set goals for this year? Either personal or professional? In my job [coaching] it is a big thing to set yearly goals. Last year I decided to give it a goal. I invested in a course on planning and I set aside time to make a complete year plan. In fact I was...


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