What is Online Counselling

Basically it is the same as the counselling most people are familiar with. Namely going to visit a cousnellor in her office. Here you stay in your own home and you communicate with your counsellor through the computer.

Why does it work?

It helps if you like to write. You will find that if you like writing, it is often easier to put words on paper than to tell them to someone face to face.

In fact people are often surprised at how much they share even during their first email. And just putting thoughts on paper can help you clarify your problem in your mind.

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Do I need to be a computer wizard to do this?

No you don’t. The only skills you need are working with a wordprosessing program and sending those documents in an encrypted way. [Don’t worry, I can help you with that] If you chose Skype text chat, you need to have Skype installed on your computer. I use Skype because it is encrypted. That means that nobody else can follow our conversations.

What is the difference between Counselling and Coaching?

I will give a very simple explanation here, of course there is much more to say, but this shows the basic difference.

Counselling -> In therapy you gain new insights. And you look at the why?

Coaching -> In coaching you work with those new insights. You look more at the what next? And it is more action orientated.

Often I work with a mix of the two, as I am trained in both disciplines.

What other advantages are there to Online Therapy?

  • You write when you want. Or you scedule a Skype session when it suits you.
  • Quicker, as you can reply from home without travelling.
  • Cheaper as you don’t have to spend money on travel.
  • Cheaper as the therapist can work from home as well.
  • If you need your therapist you can email, you don’t have to wait until your next fixed appointment.

Are there disadvantages?

  • You need to enjoy writing, otherwise you might struggle to get your thoughts on paper. If you are not sure, why not try a session?
  • Have a safe place from where you can write. This is important if you don’t want others to find out that you are in counselling.

What is Online Therapy Like?

Take a look at a sample chat session as written up in TILT Magazine.

It starts on page 60

If you are in crisis or thinking about suicide then you should seek out help from your doctor or contact the following organization online:


On this page you can select your country and find appropriate immediate help.

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