Therapy forms

Some options we can use in therapy

No two persons are the same…

That is why I take time to get to know you first. I want you to get the most out of therapy! We find out what you want to get out of therapy and put that first. You decide what appeals to you and what you would like to try out.

Forms of Therapy 

Below are some examples of  forms of therapy that we might use in our work together.
You are free to tell me what you do and do not like.

Affirmations/Positive Thinking
Ever noticed how often you use negative words throughout the day? It’s so easy and often second nature that we don’t even notice it.
For example, “I don’t want to get ill”, instead of, “I am healthy”.
Negative utterances attract negativity, while positive utterances attract positive energy.
Through exercises you will discover ways to think and formulate in a positive way.
CBT [Cognitive Behavioral Therapy]
This is based on the theory that problem areas in your life are related to the interaction of thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.
In CBT we will work on identifying and adjusting thoughts and behaviors to fit in better with how you want to live your life.
It often includes homework between sessions [or emails] to become more aware of your behavior patterns.
The fact that you want to try online therapy probably already indicates you like to write.
Writing about what is bothering you is an ideal way to focus on what exactly you want to work on.
Working with Inner Critical Voice
Most of us know that inner voice which makes us doubt our decisions.
With this tool you can learn to listen to this voice objectively, and make it work for you instead of against you.

Sometimes images say so more than words. During our work together I might ask you to look for images that express what you are feeling. Read more about it on the photo page.



Like images other people have a link with words. If you can’t write something, sometimes a song can say it for you. And on the internet you can find almost everything. So feel free to send me links to YouTube songs.

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