How are you holding up?

We live in strange times at the moment. Everyone is uncertain and to some degree stressed at having to live life differently.

For those with chronic pain issues this extra stress can mean extra pain. Many issues just don’t react well to pain.

And this self isolation comes right after a very wet winter. Those of you with arthritic pain know excactly what I mean by that. Dampness causes them more pain. And many of us have had a hard winter. On top of that the end of winter most of us are low on energy due to the lack of sun.

We were looking forward to a bit of sun in March to reload the batteries. That is when the seriousness of the corona virus really hit us and the whole world was turned upside down.

Many countries now have some form of lockdown, which means that many people hardly leave their homes.

What can this mean for those with pain issues?

  • More stress and therefor a chance of more pain
  • Less physical support available through social distancing
  • Less mental support as you can’t go and visit your friends
  • A chance of depression because you can’t do the things your normally do

Can I do anything about this?

These feelings are normal and I think we will all experience some of it at some time during the coming days and weeks.

So try not to feel to frustrated or hide these feelings away. Give yourself time to not feel ok. None of us are.

But don’t get stuck in those feelings. Try to enjoy what you still have!

It helps to:

  • Stick to a daily routine
  • Get dressed every day
  • Stay in touch with family and friends from a distance
  • Talk to someone about your feelings
  • If allowed try to go outside for a bit every day
  • Eat healthy foods


These things will help bring your stress level down and may help to have less pain.

Also try to get as much help as possible if you can’t go to a supermarket.

Many people are home and are so willing to help. Ask friends or neighbours to do some shopping for you. You can pay them online and they can leave the groceries on your doorstep.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!  People are there for you.

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