Many of us are now working from home. And that may sound idyllic but by now I am sure you have all also noticed the downsides of working at home. Especially when the whole family is at home with you.

Yet especially when you are in a constant fight of staying on top of your pain issues, it is very important that you find a new balance.

It is all about balance and finding a schedule that works for you. And a changed situation means you have to re-find that balance.

Here are some things to take into account when working from home [or any new different location really]

  • Make sure you adapt your new workstation to your needs. A kitchen table may work for other family members but may not be good enough for you
  • Find a chair you can sit comfortably in
  • Find out if you need more breaks than you usually do. Working at a new workstation may need more breaks to keep discomfort at bay
  • Stick to a daily schedule to keep a routine going
  • Take your normal lunch hour break and move away from your new workstation to do so
  • Stick to your normal wake/sleep times
  • Be kind to yourself

It all sounds so simple and yet it is so easy to forget the above advice. Especially at times of stress. But finding a new normal does help.

If it is possible where you live, go for a short walk every day, keeping a safe distance from others.

Anybody who has any other tips about what helps for them to stay well, please share them in the comments below.

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