The world is suddenly such a strange place. This goes for everyone and everyone will have moments were emotions will surface.
In many countries in the world restrictions on seeing each other are in place. In my country of the Netherlands they closed all the care homes on Thursday the 19th.

This goes for homes for the elderly but also for disabled people.

Carers find themselves in a strange situation. The normal routine is completely gone. Your loved one is in a home and you can’t go to them. In many cases you don’t even know how they are doing. Staff are very busy and don’t have the time to communicate much.

It can bring up a lot of emotions, fear, anxiety and grief. All of these feelings are normal. I would not try to push those emotions away. Let them be there and feel them. On the other hand try not to drown in them. Find a new balance in life.


• If video calling is possible, try to schedule times with the care home.
• Emailing staff for information may work better than phoning. They can reply to you when they have a moment of time
• Send little gifts to your loved ones so they know you are thinking of them

Tips for you:

• Take this time to reload your batteries. Pamper yourself!
• Stick to a daily routine
• Do the chores that you never had time for
• Have someone you can talk to and vent. This does not have to be in your own home. You can call or write a friend. Or have a video call with them online.

Most of these tips are given not only as a coach and therapist. But as a carer as well. My 90 year old mother is in one of the Dutch homes that is in lock down. These tips are things that work for me.

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