P1100631For me planning is essential in my life with pain. Thankfully I have always been a bit of a planner, so this is not too hard on me.

I have to plan my day ahead to build in moments for breaks and rest and physical activity.

What is more fun to do is to plan my vacations. I know that getting out of the house on vacation is not essential for everyone. For me it most certainly is. Because of that I plan my breaks throughout the year.

This does not mean they all have to be long and far away. It is fun to be creative if you don’t have a huge budget to spend. You could for instance go and visit friends and in turn invite them back to come and stay with you.

Some of you may be able to go on a holiday that is [partly] paid by your health insurance. It is always worth to check if there are options there.

And I am sure you can think of many other options.

In the winter I really miss the sun. Also Dutch winters tend to be not too cold, but very dark and rainy. P1100836This is not the best weather for me, that is why the last couple of years I have booked a February break away to the sun.

In Europe it is not that easy to find a place that more or like assures sun in February. Last year I went to Sicily and although I had a great time and will certainly return there, it was very cold.

This year I am not taking chances and I have booked a week in Gran Canaria on the Canary Islands. As I am not a party animal I took great care to stay away from the resorts. These islands are beautiful and have a lot to offer to those who love nature and culture as well.

Feel free to let me know what works for you. Do you plan vacations throughout the year? Do you need a break away from home often? Or is it ok just to spend a week at home away from the job.

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