My last post was about my planned holiday so now I am going to share with you ho wit actually went.

Hopefully the following is not familiar to you. You have been looking forward to a holiday and you have preparedsea with waves well for it. You were careful to choose a destination that sits well with your pain or other issues. Furthermore you took it easy beforehand so you would start your holiday well rested. What could go wrong?

This past February I had booked exactly such a holiday. A week in the Canary islands. Some nice sunshine, exploring and reading a book at the beach.

The first couple of days went according to plan. The weather was not too good but there was plenty to do with shopping and wellness and soon it was sunny and we could fully enjoy the environments and the beach.

Then on day four we both got foodpoisoning. It struck pretty hard and then you don’t feel so well in the middle of a suburban area in a country where everyone speaks Spanish. Another drawback of having something chronic is sthat everything else also seems to take much longer and doesn’t heal so fast.

With the little energy left to us we found a pharmacy and the help we needed. Long live Google translate! And within two days we were on the mend.

caves on Gran CanariaWhy I am sharing this? Because I want to show that in times of crisis you still have some influence. Even when we felt our worst we did not panic and we were able to laugh about our situation. So we did not spent energy on things we were not able to change anyway.

I am not successful in being positive every day but I do try. On bad days I like to end the day with a list of everything that I am grateful for that day. For everything that did go well.

Please share if you have ever been through something like this yourself. And if you were able to stay positive and this made a difference.

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