Did you set goals for this year? Either personal or professional? In my job [coaching] it is a big thing to set yearly goals. Last year I decided to give it a goal. I invested in a course on planning and I set aside time to make a complete year plan. In fact I was really proud of it and was set on sticking to it.

But guess what? It did not work for me. Within two months I had scrapped the whole plan and just went with the mountain with flag on topflow working about 3 months ahead.

I am not saying that plans are wrong for everyone. But for me they did not work at all. Living with chronic pain means making choices.

2015 was a mixed year for me. I found out that next to RSI, I was now also facing fibromyalgia. And that meant finding a new balance in life which took presence to my other goals.

Like most people I went through the stages of learning about a condition. As this was not the first time for me it went a lot quicker. But it took time and trial and error. Thankfully I have supportive people in my life and my own coach who helped a great deal.

So what works for me when it comes to goals?

  • Not asking too much of myself.
  • Making a to do list but not putting a date behind them.
  • Every month I work om my goals, doing what is most urgent and doing as much as I can.
  • Not putting on too much pressure lowers my stress levels.

checkered_flagIt took me a while to find out that this is what works for me. It is worth the work finding out what works for you.

Finding you stress triggers can do a lot to keep down your pain levels.



If you want some help in this process please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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