It’s winter in the Western world. For a lot of that means snow, ice and cold. It is beautiful to look at and for the kids heaven to play in.

For people with chronic pain problems this is often not the best time of year. Especially those with muscle problems. Cold affects the muscles. Makes them cramped and painful. I often hear that people can do less during the winter months.

But the good news is that there are things you can do to make life better.

This is very personal, so try out and experiment. Find out what works well for you.

  1. Gel packs.

These can be heated in the microwave and stay warm for many hours. You can use them to warm your hands, your neck or your feet during a cold night. They come in many forms. Usually the red ones are for heating and the blue ones for applying cold.

You can even have a little fun with them, some come with soft warm covers. Plain or in the form of animals. Especially good for children suffering from pain. They can cuddle with a soft animal.

  1. Cherry pit pack

Almost the same as the gel packs. Also comes in several shapes. The cherry pit pack you can use for both heat and cold application. Choosing a gel pack or cherry pit

Hittepit [cherry pit]

pack is very personal. Many people love these cherry pack but personally I prefer the gel pack because it is softer. The cherry seeds are very hard and I don’t find them comfortable around my neck for example.

  1. Heat cushions

A new favorite of mine. These also come in many shapes. They work on electricity. So you have to stay near a plug when you use them. Some come in a shape that you can use them on your neck or back and apply heat for a few hours. [They usually disconnect after a certain period in time to reduce danger] or you can just have a flat one to use as a cushion in bed.

Let me know what you use to keep the cold at bay during the winter months. I am always open to learn something new.

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