I hope you all had a good start to the new year. This is the time that most of us are filling with good intentions. We start the year promising ourselves that this will be the time we break bad habits. Make a fresh start. Does that sound familiar?


How often have you promised yourself something at the start of January, but did not follow through, or did not follow through long enough?


This is were coaching can come in handy. It is tough to do something on your own. I have found that out myself. At the beginning of January I would be so full of energy to do it right this time. And I would start, sure I could do it on my own. But it is so easy to give in when it is just you. No feedback, nobody to give you a pat on the back and tell you you’ve done a good job.


Coaching will help you stay focused.

It will:

  • Be the pat on the back
  • Help you set goals
  • Break them down in small feasible steps
  • Give you feedback on your progress
  • Motivate when you feel like giving up.


So why don’t contact me today to see what we can achieve together. You don’t have to achieve your goals alone.

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