I can now help others make priorities in life because I found out the hard way that this is essential in life. And I don’t want to make the same mistake twice. For that reason the blog may not appear every week now.

Next to that I have decided to only publish in English for now. It takes time to translate a blogpost. Many Dutch people understand English. So keeping the English version makes more sense to me.

Tip: If you recognize this feeling of being overwhelmed by all your obligations, act! Act before your body acts for you. Balance in your life is so important.

  • Make a list of all your weekly activities.
  • Note which ones are essential
  • Which ones you enjoy most

After you have done this, try to cut down on the tasks that are not essential, and the ones you don’t enjoy. In all this, put your body first. When it gives you signals that you need to slow down, do as it tells you. In the end this will make you happier.

If you need some help with this task, don’t hesitate to contact me.Het Nederlandse blog is tijdelijk gesloten. Als je vragen hebt over de Engelse tekst, kun je wel altijd contact met me opnemen.

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