The usual image of sport events is that is is for men. Women tolerate it, but they do not enjoy it. Television stations will either show sports or have special programs to entertain the women. But is this true? Are sporting events something we women just tolerate? Are you dreading Euro 2012, the Tour de France and the Olympics. Or is one sport worse than another? Do you enjoy one and not another? Or do you enjoy it all and are you frustrated because it’s seen as a man’s thing?

There is a long summer in front of us. When one event ends the next one starts. We have kicked off last Friday with Euro 2012. Now football is a sport that can be ambivalent for women. For decades men have told us that we do not understand it. That we just don’t get the offside rule. How does that affect you. Do you just laugh, or does it make you annoyed? If you really don’t like the sport, how does all the attention affect you. In most European countries there is just no getting away from it these weeks. It dominates the newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. Even the streets and the supermarket. If you really hate it, you had better go on vacation to a far away country for a few weeks. But can you let it go, or does it cause you stress? I personally do like the event. But even then I have had my stress moments. Here in the Netherlands everything turns orange during a football cup. A few years ago I went to pick out cakes for my birthday party. I ordered them in advance and I picked the only cake in the shop that was not orange. [Just not my colour for cakes] When it was delivered a few days later…  You guessed it. They were all bright orange.

Sport kijken word altijd meer geassocieerd met mannen dan met vrouwen. Het algemene beeld is dat vrouwen het tolereren maar er niet van genieten. Kijk maar naar de tv, veel reclames zijn op mannen gericht en zenders zetten romantische films tegenover de sport om de vrouwen bezig te houden. Is dit waar? Houden mannen echt meer van sport dan vrouwen? Hoe denk je over Euro 2012? En daarna de tour de France en de olympische spelen. Is de een leuker dan de ander? Of vind je het allemaal prachtig en vind je het frustrerend dat sport als een mannending word gezien?

Er ligt een lange sportzomer voor ons. Zo gauw een event afgelopen is begint er wel een ander. We zijn afgelopen Vrijdag begonnen met Euro 2012. Nu is voetbal helemaal een sport die meer door mannen word gedomineerd. Al decennia maken mannen ons wijs dat wij vrouwen niet eens de regels begrijpen. Dat we de buitenspel regel niet snappen. Hoe denk jij daarover? Moet je er om lachen of maakt het je juist boos?

So even if you like it there can be stress. A fanatic supporter can have a lot of stress as well. What if your team doesn’t do as well as you hoped? I can tell you the country’s mood was not good here on Sunday morning after the loss against the Danes. How do you cope with stress like that? Every year during events as this people die from heart attacks because of the stress of the matches. It is nice to cheer for your team, but it is healthy to not be too disappointed for long when they lose. Find balance in watching sporting matches as well.

I would like to hear from others how they see this sports summer. Do you love or hate it? And how are you planning to live through this summer.

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