I might have mentioned before that for me the hardest part of healthy living is excersise. I never used to be good in sports and I just don’t enjoy most exercise. And if you don’t enjoy something it is much harder to keep it up. Something you enjoy hardly seems an effort and time flies. But do something you dislike and that clock just seems to crawl.
But now I think I have found a solution. Thanks to the suggestion of a good friend I tried a trial session of Qi Gong. Officially Chi Neng Qi Gong. It is really a combination of gentle movement and meditation. While you move you are quiet and listen to relaxing music but your attention is directed inwardly.  The trial session was a big success and I have made the decision to do a ten part course. So far we have had two lessons and I have enjoyed going there. I even enjoy doing the exercises at home every day! For me that is a big thing. It is not strenuous but I am doing something for my body every day.
Chi Neng Qi Gong has a healing effect as well. It was invented by a doctor in China who ran a hospital that did not use medication. Yet 95% of all patients who came to him recovered with Chin Neng. Some patients were very ill and could not do the exercises. The power of Chi Neng is that even if you cannot move much, if you visualise yourself doing the exercises it has the same effect. So on a bad day you can chose to do that. That makes it very accessible for people with chronic pain complaints.[In het Nederlands zal ik een korte samenvattting van de Engelse blog tekst geven]
Sinds kort volg ik Qi Gong lessen. Ik heb nooit van lichaamsbeweging genoten en daarom is het voor mij ook moeilijk om dat vol te houden. Iets wat je niet leuk vind houd je gewoon minder lang vol.

Maar ik ben toch blijven zoeken naar iets wat me wel aan zou spreken en dat heb ik nu gevonden in Chi Neng Qi Gong. Na een proefles gevolgd te hebben, heb ik besloten om een curus van 10 lessen te volgen en dat bevalt goed. De bent terwijl je de oefeningen doet ook aan het mediteren omdat je aandacht helemaal naar binnen is gericht.
Wat Chi Neng ideaal maakt voor mensen met chronische pijnklachten, is dat het ook een helende werking heeft. En als je veel pijn hebt met bewegen kun je de oefeningen ook visualiseren Dat maakt het erg laagdrempelig.
Zelf volg in de lessen in Gouda. Hier kun je er meer informatie over vinden.
Laat eens weten wat jij doet aan lichaamsbeweging en hoe dat bevalt en waarom je het leuk vind.


What I am trying to say is that there is something out there for everyone. You don’t have to do Qi Gong, but do have a look around and try to find something that you would enjoy doing. It is important that when you start working out, that you don’t expect too much of yourself at the start. Don’t set your goals too high and even if your goals are reasonable, do not get angry with yourself if you are not able to make them. Doing something is better than doing nothing, and positive energy makes you happier.
So what do you do to keep your body in shape and why does it work for you? I look forward to hearing from you.

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