In March I blogged about daylight saving and the subtle changes one hour can mean to our lives.

The summer seems to have really flown by and since this weekend we are back on ‘normal’ winter time.

People adjust differently to this change. For some it hits home now that the darker days have started. This can often be the time when winter depression starts to set in.

The closer you are to the North pole the shorter your days will be in winter. And it is a fact that the human body does need sunlight to thrive.  Luckily these days there is a little more you can do about winter depression. Research has shown that using a daylight lamp like this one can really help battle depression. So if you are one suffering from winter depression check it out. I know there are therapists around who hire them out. Or there is always ebay. The one on the picture features here in this post is made by Dutch company Philips.

If you feel your energy is low due to lack of daylight. Remember your wellness kit. It if for situations like this that you have written down what makes you feel good. This is the moment to use it!

And enjoy what fall and winter have to bring us. Right now it is so wonderful to go out into nature and enjoy the turning of the leaves. Winter bringscold weather but snow makes it a winter wonderland that is beautiful to watch. If you like to take photo’s this is the season to play around with it.

So stay positive and enjoy the beauty of every season. 

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