Welcome to 2012. A new colour for a new year and many more changes in store. This blog will not stay active for much longer hopefully. Soon you will be able to read the blog only at; https://www.safehavenonlinetherapy.com/blog/

Right now I am working hard on adding new pages and making it really awesome. Very different and more orientated on what you the reader are looking for. [hopefully so feedback is always more than welcome]

That leads me to my new year’s resolutions. It is almost impossible to avoid those this week, aren’t they. Are you sick of them already? Chucked yours out?

So many people make their resolution and then within weeks fail to stick to them. On the 1st of January we sit down full of confidence, the holidays are behind us and we have new energy.

And that is often the start of the problem. We are so enthusiastic that we ask too much of ourselves. We want it all and we want it now. That might work for a few weeks, yet too often we burn ourselves out that way.

As with everything it is better to plan your resolutions and not ask too much of yourself:

Be flexible in your scedule
Leave time for fun things!
Leave blank spaces for unforseen events
Start small, many small goals are easier to achieve then one big one
Try not to go it alone. Select a good friend to go over your plans and ask for feedback
Don’t throw it all out if you are dissapointed with your progress. Little things are better then nothing.

I don’t make a year plan anymore, I make 3 months plans, both for what I like to get done for work and some projects in my private life. I started experimenting with that last year. What I found out so far is that for me smaller is better. I started out with making my list of goals much too long and that way I had so much added stress. Now I have a few things that I really want to achieve and a small lists of things that I can do if I have time to spare and it works so much better.

Let me know what works for you! And good luck in this new year.

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