For years I would boast that I was so good at working on schedule. And I was really proud of it. I would make week, month and yearly schedules and I would stick to it. But was I really good at it?



This might surprise you. I am saying no because I was falling into my old trap again…

Often I was working harder than was good for me. The schedule would be on the wall of my desk and every day I was looking at it feeling the stress of all I still had to do. Because I had put it down there, and I was going to finish it!


It wasn’t until recently that a friend helped me see the light. A schedule should be written in pencil and you should have an eraser ready to cut items out if you are working too hard. Be it work or home. The stress of trying to fit in more than we can handle is not going to benefit anybody.


Not us. But also it won’t benefit our boss, co-workers, friends and family members. Too much stress wears you out in the end. It makes you tired and more prone to catching colds. 


So how do you handle a schedule?


Play with it! Find out what works for you?


For example, I started out making a detailed schedule for every work week. Writing down per day what I had to finish. After playing around I now make the same schedule. But I only pencil in one or two things per day. Then I add a list of tasks that I may finish that week.  And even that list I keep as short as possible. On the bottom is another section called next week, if I get more ideas during the week, they go into thatsection, so they are not added to the tasks for the current week.


For now this schedule works for me. Yet I will continue to play with it. And who knows, in a few months time I will find a schedule that works even better.


I would love to hear what works for you! How do you use your schedules, and are you happy with the way you use them now?


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