Has anyone ever told you that you are a perfectionist? Is god not good enough for you. Do you go back to a task even if another thinks you have done it well enough?


Does this all sound familiar?


If yes then you are probably a perfectionist on some level. Maybe tasks your really care about, or tasks for which you want other people’s approval.


Personally I think perfectionism is enemy number 1 for people with chronic pain. For many movement can be painful, especially the more you do. Then why is it so hard to let go? And to think ‘good is good enough.’

There is no easy solution to this questions. Many of us were raised thisway. And often don’t even realize that we are doingtoo much until others point it out.


That is why I propose that for just one week you analyze your own actions.

Every task you do, think about:

  • How much energy did I use? Could I have used less?
  • How much time did this cost me? Did I really need all this time?
  • Does the end result look perfect? Would good have been good enough?

Realizing you are doing something is the first step to change. For now noticing if you are a perfectionist is enough. Do this task for a week and reflect on your findings.

Why not write them down? Writing down actions and feelings is such a great tool for many people to analyze their feelings. That is why online counseling is such a powerful tool. And you can rewrite what you have written.


Interested in learning more about online counseling? Why not contact me to find out?


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