One of the things I love to work with when focussing on positive affirmations are affirmation cards. These can either be selfmade or bought. I like both and use them in therapy and for myself. My selfmade are on small notecards that I can decorate as I like. On these I will write affirmations that mean something like me and I will put them in places around the house whee I know I will see them often.

The second kind of affirmation cards I like to use are those that you can buy in shops and online. Most bookshops will carry some of them, for me the new age bookshop in town carries several of them. I don’t often buy them online as I have found that these kind of cards are very personal. The lay-out and the artwork of the cards has to speak out to you.

There are many kind of cards you can find. I have scanned some of my favorites. They include two series of cards from Louise Hay. “Health and body” cards and “I can do it” cards. From both sets one example of front and back are shown. With these sets I will chose one or more that somehow call out to me that day. Things I feel good about already or aspects of my life that are a little shaky and I need some reenforcement about. As with my selfmade cards I will place them around the house and will look at them several times a day and even repeat the affirmations.

Not strictly affirmation cards but still favorites of mine are the “wolf song cards” These I will draw randomly and then look in the booklet that comes with the cards what this animal has to teach me today. The totem animal I picked today is the brown bear and it stands for: choises, decision & options. And that does make sense to me.

I might hear you ask how I can use all this online? In several ways really. I can look for online sites were I can find cards and work with those. If I want to work with the cards with clients we can do so together using a whiteboard on which we can both enter information. This works really well in a chat session. When working through email, I can scan and add images of cards that I think would have meaning for a client and they can leave them on their computer or make prints and put them on places throughout the house that feel good for them.  Or any other means that they can think of. The possibilities are infinite.

This post has been written with the help of my part-time dog Nina, who when she visits me loves to sit next to me to watch me work and then when it is ready she will look the article over and add her approval. Or not.

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