Value yourself. It is so easy to say, but not so easy to live by especially for women. Many women are often happier when those around them are happy. This is especially true for most highly sensitive women who often have to learn to say no.

SeagullsBeing highly sensitive myself, it is something that I have had to learn myself. In the old days I never used to say no, but over the years I have become good at putting me first and trusting that good friends will understand your no, and they do! I have come to listen to my body better and to know when enough is enough.
And yet I had another eye-opener just a few days ago. As a small business owner I am careful where I spend my money. This means that I try to do as much as possible myself and not hire people to do it for me. At the moment I am building a new version of my website. With new platforms like wordpress it is getting easier to do so and I like being in control and able to change my own content and add new pages.Yet it was taking me a long time to get the basics down. I would be adding graphics and text without it looking very professional, and as a perfectionist that did not sit well with me either.
It took a friend to open my eyes about what I was doing. She and I had had a discussion on another topic about the value of my time. When I work with clients I of course charge an amount of money per hour. It had taken me many hours to get things done on wordpress and still it was not to my liking. Hours I could also have spend earning money instead of wasting time. So I was actually wasting valuable time. It was much wiser and [in the end counting that way] cheaper to get some help.This example also shows that sometimes we need help to see things clearly. That can be a good friend or a coach or counsellor. We all need sparring partners for the occasional reality check to see if we are really doing what we are good at.As always I would love to hear your stories!

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