>It’s that time of year again for me! Tomorrow I leave for my summer holiday. [And no I am not leaving an empty house!] 

For me it is an essential part of my life. I don’t really mind if it is not some expensive far away location but something closer by. As long as I am away from my daily routine. This year I am going to Wales and Kent. Two places that I love very much.

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Going on vacation has changed over the last couple of years. When I was young you just packed your clothes, toiletries, travel documents, passport and a camera. Of course there were challenges as well. In the old days you needed to get foreign money before you left or travel cheques and hen trying to find banks while you travelled. On the weekend, you had a problem if you ran out of money as banks generally were not open on saturday.

Cruising in North Wales!Image by P3tro via Flickr

It seems simpler now doesn’t it? Hmmm, until you start making a list of what you really need to take. Everything these days seems to come with a charger and of course all chargers are different. If you are not carefull you end up with half your suitcase filled with chargers.

That leads to another question. Do I really want to be online when I am holiday? do I want to see what is going on in the rest of the world. Anwser emails, phonecalls, or not? Wifi or 3G are so tempting because it is handy to look up adresses and check routes. But still holiday should be holiday and being online all the time means my stress would not be gone completely.

This year I will be wifi less for the first week, deep in the wilderness of North Wales. The next and last 4 days I will have wifi and I will have to work one evening. But this choice feels good to me.

So what do you do on holiday?

[My next post will be in the last week of June]

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