For me Christmas itself is about watching DVD’s. This stems from the many years that I worked in a bookstore and I was too tired when christmar rolled around to do anything else. Even since I stopped working there I kept the tradition. Of course I will spend some time with my parents or occasionally friends but mostly it is me time. It took me some time to admit openly that this makes me happy as christmas is supposed to be a time to spend with others and eat a lot. I thought people would pitty me when I told them I preferred to spend it on my own in front of the telly. Now that I am secure in who I am, I have no more problems saying this out loud. I will settle in my favorite chair with a fire blazing and a hot water bottle near. Then let the feast begin.

What will I watch this year?

I have many options. Usually I allow myself a few DVD’s from my wishlist for christmas and I combine that with some christmas classics.

This year there were two [for me] new christmas movies on my wishlist. Thomas Kinkade’s christmas cottage and christmas lodge. The first one is in, the other will be shipped from the States so fingers crossed it comes in on time. I selected it because Erin Karpluk from Being Erica is the female lead and I like her a lot. BTW Being Erica is a Canadian show well worth watching.

Next will be some classics I have owned for a few years now. Usually I am not into silly comedies but at christmas time I love them. I will select from between National Lampoon’s christmas holiday and the Santa Clause movies. Next to those I might throw in Love absolutely and It’s a wonderful life.

That brings me to the non-christmas movies and series:

I am a huge fan of British mysteries so I will be rewatching series that I saw many years ago and am now starting to buy on DVD. The first seasons of The Chief and Judge John Deed just came in and I am saving those for christmas. I might also throw in some Midsomer murders.

tv specials

Last will be the tv specials of favorite shows. I have not seen the list yet but there is a Dr. Who special every year and I have heard there will be a Downton Abbey special this year. Both shows I love.

That concludes my list. Please share what you are going to watch this year! 

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