This week I am opting for a very short post again. Why? I might hear some people think….. Fact is, I love writing. But it is one of these times in the year that my body is shouting at me to slow down.

Many years even this shouting was not enough. But now I have gotten so much better at listening. And we get along much better. Blogging is fun but it is not one of the things that I ‘really’ need to do during the week. So I am now on a basic regimen of tasks. My body is happy and I get to catch up on DVD and books, win-win.

Part of next week I will be on a work trip. I will certainly talk about it when I get back! It is great to be a part of such a dedicated group of people as the tutors at Online training for counsellors. We will talk about making our courses even better and adding new courses and workshops for our students.

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