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I have taken the plunge and have started working on an e-book. Over the years I have taken in so much information on both my specialty subjects Being Highly Sensitive and Living with chronic pain. Through reading online, reading books, talking to others and a lot through experiencing and growing from that experience myself. I feel now it is time to share with others. Some content I will put on my website [or also put on my website] yet there is only so much you can put on there before it becomes too much. And if you are like me you might not like to read from a screen for too long. With an e-book you have everything in one place and you can read it from either your computer screen or an I-pad or e-reader. [I must say I am quickly becoming addicted to my e-reader]

Next came the question what to write about? In my case rather what to write about first. And I have decided the first e-book will be for people with chronic pain. It is a group I feel so passionate about and whom I want to give easier guidelines then I had myself when I was faced with it over 10 years ago. So in the e-book I will cover such topics as:

  • When is pain chronic?
  • a pain-chart
  • Become an expert when it comes to YOU!
  • How to be possitive about life
  • Setting goals 
  • Protect your boundaries
  • Good books on pain management 

Any good idea’s? Please share them with me.

A very basic free edition should be finished soon, this will give people an idea of what to expect. The full version will take a little longer as I myself am now very capable in staying within my own boundaries and not get carried away with enthusiasm.

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