>Like many people I like looking around the internet and exploring new programs and links that other people send me. That is the way I found this program: Mindmeister.http://www.mindmeister.com/nl/content/product

Mindmeister is mostly a paid service but it allows you to create 3 mindmaps for free. If you have no idea what a mindmap is. Have a look at the example here or read up about it online. It is a technique that I use personally myself and it works very well with clients as well.
Especially creative people love putting their thoughts on paper this way.

Mind map of the mind map guidlines.Image via Wikipedia

What are the basics? As in the picture here, you start with one thought and you put that in the middle. From there you start adding categories that have to do with the thought in the middle. You try to put as much information down as possible and the trick is to do it with single words. No sentences! Images are allowed and even encouraged. Try it out and see how it works for you? For me it helps to clear my mind and put my projects into managable one page diagrams. With one look I have an overview of what I am doing and what I still have to do.

Does it also work online? Yes it actually works pretty well. If a client has made a mindmap she would like to discuss with me, she could send me a copy beforehand. [If you don’t use an online program there is always the option of scanning it or taking a photo and upload that.] Or I could use a messenger program that allows for co-browsing. It makes an online session much more creative and once again shows that so many of the techniques we use f2f can be used online as well. One of the reasons I love this job so much.

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