I have not been neglecting you all on purpose this week. All my time is invested in marketing right now. Marketing to  a lot of therapists this is a dirty work. Although many of us want to work in private practice, almost none of us are thought during our training how to do it.  Our work is important and can make a difference in the lives op people and yet we are afraid to market ourselves as good therapists.

I have chosen a different path. I have first made sure that I have all the knowledge about my job that I could gather and that I have worked with enough clients to know what I am doing and that I love my job. Now I am embracing marketing. It is fun to search the internet for oppertunities and to learn new skills. I am going to make sure that I am going to be as good at this as I am at my day-time job. 🙂

You know when you “hire” a therapist you don’t only pay for the hour they spend with you each time. But a dedicated therapist spends her life learning and staying up to date. Being curious about all new things that come on her path. If you bring something new, she will embrace it and make it her own. And all that for a pretty fair price. Try it one day.

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