>It looks so easy doesn’t it? When you see a webpage, blog, etc that looks pretty and is driving a lot of traffic. Until you start your own marketing campaign and you come from a background were you never learnt how to do it and are not a wizard with computers. It is easy to get stuck.
It threatened to happen to me. 

For a year I saved links to websites that were useful, made lists of what I would do in my marketing campaign and when I finally sat down to do something about it, I had so much that I did not know were to start.

In stead of panicking I sat down and asked myself. What would I ask a client to do in this situation? 

Then it became clear to me and soon I had a shortlist.

  • Ask for help. Talk to your own coach/experts for pointers
  • Make a mindmap to structure.
  • Set goals [week, month, half year]
  • Don’t make the goals so big I can’t achieve them
  • Go back to the marketing plan and break it down even more so it becomes manegable
  • Select a few things to work on and concentrate on them for a while.

Right away the fun in marketing was back for me! I coached myself and am back on track.

More on coaching, counselling and marketing next week.

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