>Normally I do not post during holiday weeks but this week I felt that I wanted to. It might not be completely on topic like my usual posts. Yet a week of traveling around the country made me think about how we people treat each other. It was a week that showed me the two opposites of the spectrum.

On the good side this week I have seen:

  • People caring for relatives who are not as well of as they are
  • A farmer giving a free tour of his farm
  • Friends caring for friends and enjoying each other’s company
  • Kids smiling about being in a big zoo for the first time in their life
  • A stadion full of people giving a retiring goalkeeper the evening of his life

On the down side were:

  • KPN [Dutch telecom] service shops showing their worst side by telling a 82 year old men they would not try to help solve his phone problem by making one simple call for him.
  • Parents who allow their kids to disturb animals in the zoo, despite many signs asking them to keep their kids in check.
  • Some football supporters booing a player from an opposing team even when he was playing for the national team in this game.

To end I just want to leave you with these thoughts. What kind of world do you want to live in? How do you want to be treated and how do you treat your fellow men? I know it made me think and make my choices.

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