It’s that time of the year again. Holiday season! The time of year people expect you to be happy and in good cheer. How many people really talk about the holiday stress of having to get everything done: shopping, decorating, Christmas cards.


Now as this is stressful for the general population, you can imagine how much harder it is going to be for Highly sensitive people or those coping with pain. More often than usual you don’t want to show your family and friends how stressed you are and of course everything you do has to be perfect. 🙂


Yet I tell you it is time to change. It is hard to hear, but don’t try to be perfect, good is good enough.


Here are some plans to get through the holiday season  with less stress and more enjoyment


  • Plan! Plan! Plan! Start your preparations early! Best is to make a plan of all you have to do and leave yourself plenty of free time for days that you are really not up to doing anything.
  • Prioritise, go through your Christmas card list and ask yourself do you really need to send them all? Did everyone return your cards last year? Could you just send some people an online card? The same with sending parcels. Does it give you stress or pleasure?
  • Delegate! Delegate! Delegate. Listen carefully, you do not have to do everything on your own. Family and friends are capable of helping and often they are glad to help you. They would rather see you happy and doing less than miserable when doing everything on your own. A hard thing to get for us perfectionists.
  • Say no. If you are not up for family visits Christmas eve and/or both days of Christmas, don’t do it. Think of yourself first.

 I know this is not as easy as it sounds. You don’t want to let anyone down. But keep in mind, if you try to please everyone around you, you are going to be the one ending up in pain and with a lot of stress. Look after yourself first.


Let me know if you have any holiday tips and success stories of managing your stress in this last month of the year.

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