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This week is another short blogpost week. As I have a workshop to go to on Saturday I am giving myself some more time off during the week to compensate.

Having more time off this week comes in very hand. Yesterday my new gadget arrived in the post. A shiny new Archos 7.0 internet tablet.I have been drooling over the internet tablets for a long timebut decided they were way out of my price range. Until a friend showed me his archos that could do everything I want and for the price of half an I-pad. I was sold.

So this afternoon and tomorrow I am going to play around with it. Most of what I want it for has to do with work. I want to read magazine articles and such. My e-reader doesn’t do too well with articles, it is great for books not it messes up the magazines terribly. 

The second thing I want to use it for is to check for urgent client messages when I am on holiday. And being able to do my tutor work while I am away from home. Carrying is still a problem with my dissability and this reduced the weight of a laptop to almost nothing. Even taking a small bluetooth keyboard doesn’t add much to the wait and that is all I am going to need.

Have a good weekend all, I am off to play with my new toy! 

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