>Passion: Why is that so important to us? Feeling passionate about something makes us feel happy and belong to something.

That is of course important to everybody but I would say even more so for people who are highly sensitive and those with pain problems. Let me list just a few of the adavantages of doing something you feel passionate about.

  • It distracts from every day life
  • When you do something you really like you feel less pain
  • espcially when done together it is good for social interaction and making new friends
  • being active makes you feel better about yourself
  • Something to look forward to on bad days

 Now how do you find a passion like that?

If you don’t have hobbies [or gave them up because they became physically impossible/cost too much energy] make a list of things you would enjoy. For now don’t look at the practical side just write it down.

After you have made your list, and take your time in doing so, pick out the things that appeal to you most. We will concentrate on those.

You should now have a peace of paper with a few things on it that appeal to you. Somehow you stopped doing them or never tried them in the first place.

  • Look and write down what it would take to do them. 
    • Maybe you have to start slower then you did in the past
    • with some addaptions you might be able to do it
    • ask for help! You will be amazed how many people are willing to help if you just ask them something that is reasonable
    • Inform if organisations have something in place to help the disabled
    • etc

 I would like to give an example of something that is one of my passions. Going to medieval and fantasy fairs. Last weekend I went to the elf fantasy fair in Arcen.This is a pretty huge gathering that is held twice a year and at first such a crowd doesn’t seem the ideal place for somebody is highly senstive and picks up energies of others in a crowd.

This is what I do to make it right for me:

  • I make sure that I do not travel on the day of the fair [or if it is close just a small amount of travel]
  • If I have to travel under half an hour I will ask friends if we can share a ride as public transport takes a lot of energy
  • In case I do get overwhelmed I find a quiet spot to sit for a while and ground myself
  • Take plenty of rest breaks sitting down to gather my energy
  • Spend the day in good company
  • Make sure I eat and drink enough
  • Go home when I feel it has been enough

This is just an example. But one I like to use because the atmosphere here is so relaxed. The age range varies from babies to retired people. All kind of costumes. And everybody is accepted for what and who they are. No costume gets laughed at and people of all ages and body types do walk around in costumes. 

So what is your passion? How did you find it and what is so special about it to you?


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