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I add added a new box to the blog and have named it ‘books that inspired me’ Here I will feature books that have done just that.

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Although I love the internet, if I need information I will still turn to books. Be it travel guides, computer manuals or professional literature. I want to have books laying next to me that I can open, make notes in[if they are my own] and just have as many as I like open at the same time.

From a young age I have always read a lot. My mother read me stories and took me to the local library. Many books have inspired me over the years. A lot of these have been novels, but some of them have been professional literature.

One such book is Elaine Aron’s ‘the highly sensitive person’.  When I picked it up in the local bookstore [boekhandel verkaaik] about ten years I had no idea what the title meant, I had never heard heard the term highly sensitive before but I knew I was sensitive so it seemed an interresting read.

Pretty soon I could not put it down anymore. All those years I had thought I was weird for being affected by sounds, smells and crowds. Now I found out 10% of the world’s population was like me! Our brains are wired differently and that is why we pick up things more intensely but we are not weird! It was such an eye-opener and this book prompted me to read more on the subject and to change things in my own life so I began to enjoy being an HSP

It became much easier to pick out others like me, and I sound found out that many of them did not know they were a HSP and they did not talk about it because like me they had thought they are weird. This is one of the reasons that today I love to work with highly sensitive people. To show them that they are not weird and to teach them how to love their gifts instead. To find peace with who they are and enjoy life to the fullest. And this amazing journey began by picking up one book.

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