>I had other plans for this week’s post but I do feel like blogging about what is in most people’s mind here in Northern Europe. Days are getting very short indeed and on top of that winter is starting so much earlier than most of us are comfortable with.

view from my practice window

It brings me to the question of how you deal with winter? Does the lack of light affect you? Are you less mobile because of the snow? What have you got in place to make it through and even enjoy winter?

last year the winter surprised me and by the time I got round to buying snowboots they had all sold out. This year I was wiser and bought a pair in October and I actually look forward to going out in them, to walk in the snow and keep a grip and warm feet!I have also learnt not to plan too much out of town, rail and busses get very unpredictable. Also I make sure I have enough food in the house to last me several days and I know were I can get food delivered if push comes to shove. Not cheap but better safe… If I do have to go somewhere I do so in a safe way [no biking or car] and give myself plenty of time. If it is not safe to travel I cancel. Yes I know this is easy to say when you work from home.

On the shortening of the days, if this is a problem for you. It is for many people, think about investing in a daylight lamp. It can do wonders for people with seasonal depressions. If your muscles are the problem infrared light lamps can do wonders, I love the one I bought 2 years ago and I use it a lot right now combined with gell packs and long hot showers. This way for me the winter is managable and I can enjoy sitting next to the heater and look at the beautifull landscape outside of my window.

What do you do to get through winter? Please share your ideas. 

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