In our society everything has to move fast. Often we juggle work, private life, family, kids and study all together and most of us wish there were more hours in the day. While we are so busy running it is easy to forget that our body and spirit also needs to rest and relax. If we don’t we will get signals that more rest is needed. Your body is very good at letting you know that it cannot cope any longer. At first it will be gentle small signals but if you refuse to listen those signals will become less and less subtle until either your body or your mind will call it a halt. This can result in burn out or RSI [repetitive strain injury] like complaints that can linger for long times.
So what do you do when your body tells you to take a break. I can tell you what works for me. Next to a hot shower, a good book or a good movie, for me a change of location helps. To just be able to leave home and work behind and just take those books and movies that help you relax and to go out into nature. The beach is one of my favorites, nothing beats being on the beach when a storm is blowing and you watch the strength of nature in the waves. This time of year, fall, a forest is also very favorite. The turning of the leaves makes nature stand out in splendor. Or to find a spiritual place on earth. For me that is Glastonbury in England, but you don’t have to be spiritual to have that special place somewhere where you feel good and that allows you to recharge the batteries.
Feel free to share here what you do to relax and recharge.

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