One of the things I like to work with online is diaries or journals. I use them both professionally and personally. Since online counselling works with the written word anyway, this age old technique is easilly adapted. 

You can chose a form and medium that fits you:

  • a plain piece of paper
  • a nice album
  • a blog online
  • a word document on your computer

But that is only the start. If you think a written document is always boring and just ink or computer letters, think again! This form of writing can also appeal to people who like to paint or even scrapbook. Like I am doing here with images, you can use any form creativity to make your document look nice.
On the computer you can further work with colors, and drawing, you can photoshop your photo’s.
On paper the world is your oyster. Draw, paint, do whatever you like to make your document look the way you want it, and feel like it is yours.

How does this tie in with therapy you might ask? It helps you to find who you really are. For some people this is achieved by writing, this can be free writing, or from suggestions of your therapist. You will be amazed how much surfaces when you set pen to paper. The same way with drawing. A therapist might ask you to draw your perfect house, or draw a picture of how you see yourself and than see what happens. Don’t worry you don’t have to be an artist to achieve this. What is important is that it is coming from your soul.

Curious? On the left you can see one of the books I love to perruse and work with. The auther is Capacchione and the title the creative journal.

Why not give it a try? And if you would like more guidance you can always contact me.

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