>It’s time to follow my own advice.As an online therapist I should practice as I preach. So I want to announce that his is probably the last blog for this year. It is not that I have run out of ideas for the blog, far from it. But I am swamped in work. First there is coursework I need to finish and I am on a deadline there. [I love studying and I am always finding courses to further my professional education or I even study for fun!] This being december which comes with a lot of social demands as well it was time for action. 

It manifested about a week ago, this feeling of panic, oh dear, how am I going to get everything finished, get all the presents bought, wrapped and in some cases shipping off. But up the christmas decorations, write the christmascards and… and… This weekend I said enough! This way I am not going to make it through December. I sat down and made a list of all the tings that really needed to be done, and a list of matters that could be dropped or postponed for a while. Crossing thigns off the list made me immediatly feel better. on some of the unavoidable tasks I was able to get some help so I don’t have to do it alone. 
TIP: Ask familymembers and friends for help, they can’t always see that you need it.
So now I have made a scedule for the rest of December that looks doable, and that will even give me a week off between Christmas and New Year’s. This monday the world looks a lot brighter again. And you will be hearing from me again in the new year. That is a promise.

Take a look at your own scedules and see what you can drop or ask help with. 

Written by Mieke Haveman, online counsellor and member of the online therapy institute.

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